Here you will find a selection of answers to most of your questions. Do not hesitate to consult them.
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How much space can we buy?

You can buy from 15MB to 100MB. These sizes have been determined so that everyone can easily access the Sphere and the adventure.

Will I have proof that my data has been sent?

Yes, once the data is on board the sphere and the launch took place, each participant will receive a certificate proving the presence of their data on board the Sphere with the indications of the launch. This certificate will be transferable to your descendants.

What is the price for the data spaces available in the Sphere?

All prices and packages can be found : HERE.

Is the data protected?

Yes of course, not only on our servers but also once in the Sphere.


Are there risks that the project will not work?

Honestly yes! We are still talking about launching a device into space. Although space science has evolved enormously, we are never immune to "small problems" during the launch. That said, the project must have the support of all its members, like you, to succeed. So, if you haven't already done so, it's time to register HERE.

What does the Sphere look like?

To a ... Sphere. Any joke put aside it's best to follow the news HERE where we regularly publish the latest advances in the evolution of the Sphere.

Will I know where the Sphere is located?

Yes, of course, you will have a regular update of its position in the mobile application offered to each participant (reserve your place HERE).

How long will the trip last?

The Sphere will travel indefinitely ... unless she meets another intelligence on the way :-)

What material will the sphere be made of?

The sphere will consist of an assembly of multi-layers. You can learn more in the "News" section of the site.


What is the scheduled launch date?

Currently the launch is scheduled for 2022. The date depends on the launcher calendar.

Can I attend the launch?

You can of course come to Kourou at your own expense to attend to the launch of the Sphere. But you can also participate as a VIP guest if you are one of the 50 winners of the draw ... Play HERE.

Where will the launch take place?

The Sphere will be launched by an Ariane rocket whose launch pad is in Kourou in French Guiana. Did you get the chance to participate in the draw and be one of the 50 winners invited to attend at our cost to the launch of the Sphere? If not, then play quickly HERE.


How many are you working on the project?

At first 1, then 2, then 4, then 8, and it keeps growing, every day new people join Memory Space Corporation, and you too can be part of it. You can see the current job openings HERE.

Can I be part of the project?

All women and men of good will are welcome to join the project! The easiest way is to consult the available openings HERE and apply.


How will the Foundation be funded?

The Sphere project is the primary source of funding for the foundation. On each purchase of space in the Sphere we will take 20% to finance the Foundation. To this we will add a large part of the Memory Space Corporation profits.

Can I give my opinion on the projects?

Each participant in the Sphere project will have the right to see and vote on the projects in which the Foundation will intervene: you just need to take your place for your memories in the Sphere HERE.

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