What if you could send a memory into space?

You can now select the memory you want to send into space and be part of the Club!

Higher, crazier than the Pyramids of Egypt!

Your Sphere

The Sphere project comes from one man's dreams!

The concept offers to collect and compile, in digital format, a big piece of humanity's memories and ideas, and send them through space, without planning for a return.

Your memory

As a member of the project you can upload into the Sphere, in digital format, an important memory (photo, video, text ...) as well as your ideas to save the planet and help humanity. Once launched through space, your kids and their kids ... will always know that up there a memory of yours is travelling. 

Your Foundation

Being part of the project also means helping humanity. 20% of your participation and most of the profits collected are not there to make shareholders grow but to help humanity through a foundation focused on ethical aid, ecology and preservation projects.

The Founder's words

Richard Manzo, Founder

To all men and women, from any place on our earth, let me tell you the story of Memory Space Corporation's birth.

It's with courage, belief and with much conviction that I undertook this enormous task which is to unite the world for a cause.

And not just any cause - that of Earth, the one that has been, is and will be our cradle for thousands of years to come. A planet with a thousand colors and facets of diversity.

Incredible men and women - people who share my convictions and my way of seeing things - have joined me on one of the hardest paths, the one of hope.

Together for a better future.

Rather, it is a multitude of hopes, because I am not alone in wanting these hopes to become our reality, our daily lives.

We are hundreds of millions around the world wishing for a future less bleak than our present.

Unfortunately, the social and human climate in the World continues to deteriorate.
We find it increasingly difficult to cope with complicated situations or events that turn our lives upside down.

Our Sphere project aims to provide all the means necessary to give, provide and offer help and efficient solutions.
But it will not be without your help!

Memory Space Corporation's SPhere Project

We all know that there are solutions. It's just a matter of means!
The Sphere project for and on which we are all working on right now is the project that will fund your needs around the world.

Memory Space aims to build a new future to welcome future generations. Build them a better future that will allow everyone to flourish and enjoy life.

Memory Space, a company focusing on the human being

Memory Space is a new kind of company. It's not based on profits for the exclusive benefit of its shareholders.

Its operation is entirely thought out so that the surplus profits are fully redistributed. This can take various forms, but the purpose remains the same.

It's you, all the participants in the success of our dream, who are the shareholders, the true owners of Memory Space Corporation because without you the foundation cannot exist.

Join us and share our dream.

Our duty will be to realize yours.

Richard Manzo