CEO - Founder

Self made man, born in 1965 (Cancer astral sign) I started very early to wonder about stars and space. Impressed by the fact that the dinosaurs may have disappeared because of a meteorite I understand that in the universe everything is permanently moving. I started dreaming about space travels to go up there and understand. 

Today here I am looping for more answers to the never ending questions I have and to find a way to bring some help to humanity.


CTO - Co-Founder

With more than 20 years of experience as an engineer I have learned as much about engineering as about humanity. Being used to tackle any challenge I am facing I have a natural trend to find solutions everywhere and to perceived problems as a challenge. This helped me to move forward every time.

Giving to each human being the opportunity to send personal memories into space, let them travel through the unknown and even more ... is what drives me with the Sphere. 


CGO/CMO - Co-Founder

Creator of happy tribes, I have a deep passion for people and their brains.
It's your smile that drives me, because when you smile your brain rewards itself and your smile makes me smile, sending a reward to my own brain. If we all smile then our children will smile and the world will be a more beautiful place for them and their children. The memory of our smile will animate them.

This crazy project that will allow billions of people to leave a memory of their smile!


Video / 3D -  Co-Founder

Passionate about astronomy since my childhood, I remember the image of the "blue dot" popularized by Carl Sagan and I started dreaming of two things: going into space and seeing the Milky Way from the Atacama desert.

The trip to observe the Milky Way is scheduled for 2020; as for leaving the terrestrial attraction, while waiting for Virgin and Blue Origin to offer us this chance, the solution is perhaps to send a piece of me into space and to feel this communion with cosmological space.



With more than 30 years of experience in the pragmatic world of IT and business management, I have, during all these many years, always placed at the center of my business, human values!

So after having been part of the training center for business leaders for more than 10 years, having been a volunteer to accompany young business leaders who start "in the entrepreneurial network" and more activities focused on people, I decided to join this magnificent project which will allow to share traces of our passage on earth to humanity.


Community Manager / Video / VIP

Feet on the ground, head in the stars, a heart as big as a sphere.

Adventurous and curious by nature, I like new challenges and bring all my energy to them. Like a planet, I am in perpetual motion.

My vision of communication is not static, it revolves around ideas and it's this strength that I want to implement for this project.


Community Manager / Individuals

Passionate about new technologies, I immersed myself in the connected world after having successfully assembled a PC recovered in pieces and found an AOL CD-ROM in my cereal packing.

Like the sphere, I made my little way, from community to community, discovering with pleasure all the innovations in the technological field by bringing a human and spiritual dimension to it. Nothing better than the Memory Space Corporation project which combines the three !


Community Manager / Content Research

Autonomous and curious, I am interested in a whole bunch of subjects, reading and especially science fiction, philosophy, debate, politics as well as a myriad of other really cool things. This intellectual autonomy allowed me to travel around the world and to discover other cultures and other ways of understanding life.

What binds me to the Memory Space Corporation project is the deep humanism of the project, a project that allows us to put a part of us among the myriad of stars that populate our vast universe.


Community Manager / Special

Second in a family of four children, sharing and communication are part of the story of my life. Passionate about everything around me, learning and understanding are absolutely essential with a passion that drives me to understand key points which are: Human, High Tech and Ecology.

The world is rich with different people, ethnicities, cultures, knowledge and skills, but just as promising. I take it as an open mind and an immeasurable sharing of knowledge that is priceless! Growing up traveling, exploring and learning is what would best define my thoughts! 


Ambassador of Brand, Buzz & Creative

When I was a kid, I loved a certain book about a boy who had a special crayon that allowed him to create and build the adventures, stories and places he desired.  That book stayed with me always.  We are all authors and artists of our own lives and interesting stories.  Our experiences, the people we met, our dreams, our wonderfully, unique creativity and our passions, gives us so much to work with.  So let’s get out there and create the world we want, become the person we want to be, and do something ground-breaking while making the world a better place.  Together, we will create a lasting legacy.

Pierre Olivier Roux


Literature teacher in a college in the South of France for almost thirty years, jazz bass player since the 90s, but also plastic artist, I have been able to see for a very long time to what extent all these disciplines meet, flirt together and complement each other.

These are tools for questioning the world, trying to provide answers when it becomes too mysterious, too hostile or too indifferent.

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